Solar Survey by Choice

Posted 20 January 2015
Solar survey infographic.ashx

Choice magazine has just released a comprehensive survey on the experience of solar owners around the country.

Read the report here.

Some of the most significant information to come to light includes:

Although residential solar installation numbers have increased year-on-year recently, it is also interesting to note that:

  • Most systems installed are below 3.0kW.
  • Our data suggests that bigger systems have gained popularity over the years, with around 50% of all panels installed in 2013 and 2014 over 4.1kW.

On matters of cost there is a great deal of information in this report including average spend on solar and the most common issues people have once the installation is complete.

15% of all owners surveyed said their system had already paid for itself, with an average payback period of three years and two months and the most common complaint about systems was about the inverter.

The full survey can be found online here.