Protecting the rights of millions of Australians with solar

Posted 3 December 2014
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To date ordinary Australians have invested $8 billion of their own money in solar - a massive investment in clean energy generation in the grid.

The solar revolution IS happening at an astounding pace - the price of solar is plummeting, making solar more affordable than ever,  and rates of uptake continue to rise rapidly.  

But despite the many reasons to go solar, some big energy companies don’t want to see Australians take back control of their own energy needs. They want to make connecting to solar harder, not easier. 

Solar Citizens is a new community project to bring together existing and future solar owners to ensure the rights of solar owners are protected and to help see Australia put a panel on every rooftop.

Solar Citizens will work to ensure:

  • Every Australian is able to take up the benefits of solar in their home or in their community
  • Solar homeowners are paid a fair price for the power they contribute to the grid
  • Solar homeowners are able to connect to the grid
  • Solar homeowners are not subject to unreasonable charges or tariffs

If you want to ensure your rights as a solar owner are protected or if you believe in a solar future for all Australians join Solar Citizens today.