Before You Get A Quote

Your Basic Information

You can get the most out of your local solar supplier by knowing a few facts before you begin. Knowing what information a dealer will need as well as what makes up the system you are likely to want can make the process of getting a quote faster and easier.

Knowing a few of the basics will help you point the supplier in the right direction immediately and make sure you don't buy what you don't want.

Here's a list of details your solar installer will find most helpful when you call.

  • Your name.
  • Your full address.
  • The number of stories your house has.
  • The type of roof you have : Flat or pitched and Tin or tile.
  • No. of rooms your house has.
  • No. of people who live in the house.
  • Amount of your average electricity bill. (avg the last 3)
  • Whether your household uses more electricity during the day or in the evening. (on an average weekday)

Email installer screenshotDon't forget, you can obtain as many quotes as you like from the local solar installers listed on our site.

Simply call the numbers provided or use our quick and easy ‘Email my Enquiry’ service* to contact multiple installers at once!

*please note not all installers have elected to use the email service, however all installers have a phone number listed.

Postcode screenshotTo get started just type in your postcode on our homepage and we’ll give you a comprehensive list of installers in your area.

P.S. Be sure to let your installer know you found them on Local Solar! We appreciate your support.