Local Solar was created in response to an ever changing solar market in Australia. There is no doubt that adding solar energy to your home or business is a good idea. But with so much at stake it's important that you, as the consumer, maintain control of the process.

Local Solar allows you to choose who you are really dealing with by putting you directly in touch with all the local solar suppliers in your area.

From the search results,

  • YOU can choose who to talk to and who should be asked for a quote (not a faceless company supplying you with an "online quote").


  • YOU know that the dealers you choose are really local and not some large organisation trying to garner as much work as they can in any or all locations before subcontracting the work to someone you've never heard of.


  • YOU can choose how to communicate with the dealers of your choice either by phone or email. Should you want to email all dealers with your requirements you can send the same request to several dealers of your choice.


At Local Solar we are dedicated not to "winning your business", but to ensuring you have the choice, control and outcomes you need in the process of choosing to purchase a solar energy system.

All certified dealers across Australia* are in our system and some have paid to be found here (bold listings in your search results). Some have even agreed to pay $5 each for your lead - so you know these people want your business. Why not talk to them direct (phone or email) to gauge just how much they want it.

Good luck in your search and we invite you to sign up for our newsletter to continue to get the latest Solar information and offers as you enter the fascinating world of alternative energy generation.