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  • The amount of roof space available in Australia is enough to provide all the nations electricity using solar panels
  • Over 1 Million Australian homes now have solar panels installed.
  • Germany has nearly half the world’s installed solar cell capacity – let’s try to catch up!

Local Solar is a company that believes in supporting solar consumers AND local solar businesses.

When it comes to getting good service and guaranteed workmanship, a local supplier will often work harder to win and keep your business. After all, they will probably be seeing you in the local shopping centre or school because they are locals too.

Of course some will be more competitive than others so we list them all here for you. Call them directly OR email your enquiry to as many as you like and see who is hungrier for your business. YOU make the call (or email), YOU make the choice and YOU remain in control.

It's always better when you know exactly who you are dealing with.

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